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『複構即迴 Le Mécanisme Répétitif 』李浩個展 2015/4/18-5/31 │YESART AIR GALLERY2015-04-08

『複構即迴 』李浩個展

 Le Mécanisme Répétitif – Hao Li Solo Exhibition

展期:4. 18. 2015 ~ 5.31. 2015
開幕酒會:4. 18 .2015(Sat.) pm15:00
     台北市中山北路七段48號2 樓

寫實卻抽像 現實中的虛幻世界
現代社會中,⼈們每⽇不斷重複著雷同卻⼜有著微⼩差異的⽣活 。
社會急速地現代化,⼀切講求效率 、快速 、精準 。重複⼤量⽣產製造能⼒越來越好的社會中,個體間的差異、特質、多元性漸漸被抹平。為了消費和⽣活 ,⽇復⼀⽇,同樣的⼀群⼈在相同的時間、被運往相同的地點、打卡上班做著雷同的事情,下班後,再被運往⼀棟棟整⿑劃⼀⾼容納量的⾼樓公寓住宅;為了更有效率地利⽤有限的⼟地 、擴充更⾼的容納量,所以不斷建設拆遷,⽣活環境樣貌持續快速改變,⼈們也習慣於這種鋼筋⽔泥的無機構成,卻不斷有機⽣⻑代謝的城市地景。在體制裡追逐著遊戲規則的過程中,⽣活快速⽽慣性的重複著,盲從著主流價值的腳步,我們很容易忘了⾃⼰是誰、⾝在哪裡、在做什麼,現實⽣活像是⼀場醒不過來的夢境。
This series of photos depicts the everyday life in the modern world - repetitive, routine, yet with slight differences.
The invention of steam engine and locomotive greatly accelerated the Industrial Revolution. Mechanical transportation networks were developed to efficiently distribute freights and to commute. These technologies were the fundamental factors to the emergence of capitalism and globalization. Ever since, the world had hastened its pace and never looked back. Whilethe mainstream modern societal values have emphasized efficiency, productivity and capital accumulation, people are constantly regarded as small components in a big machine. With the increasing pace and the repetitive routines in our daily lives, we do what everyone else does, we think like everyone else thinks; we’ve lost ourselves in the immense system, not being aware of who we really are. As the identity and diversity between individuals gradually fade, life seems rather like an unawakened dream.
 Observing the mechanism of this system, I also place myself into a repetitive rhythm: every single day at the same time, I go back to the same spot in the same train station. With the same framing, I limit myself to one exposure per day, on the exact same piece of film; accumulating day after day, to complete one single multiexposure photograph.
 The Artist Hao LI photograph the scenes that people encounter everyday to create these abstract yet photographic images, illustrating the illusional world underneath layers of reality.

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