唐唐 / Tang Tang

(1966~) 唐唐從平面作品到立體雕塑,作品裡的鏽痕成了消逝過往的描繪及時間的軌跡。

Tang Tang's works have evolved from flat pieces to three-dimensional sculptures, and the rust stains in her works have become depictions of the disappearing past and the traces of time.

本名唐壽南,1985年進入英文漢聲雜誌社繪製〈漢聲小百科〉及〈漢聲小小百科〉插畫,1988年參與繪製套書〈兒童的台灣〉及〈繪本童話中國〉系列,2003年起以唐唐為筆名,出版暢銷繪本《短耳兔》之後陸續出版《短耳兔考0分》、《短耳兔與小象莎莎》系列等十餘本繪本已售出多國版權也多次獲選為代表台灣參加義大利波隆那兒童書展的插畫家。從資深插畫家2004開始從事當代藝術創作並定期舉辦個展,作品廣受私人及美術館收藏,現工作室位於花蓮 。



The artist Tang Tang's real name is Tang Shou-Nan., also known by his pen name Tang Tang, entered the English Language Sound Magazine in 1985 to illustrate "Han Sheng Encyclopedia" and "Han Sheng Little Encyclopedia". In 1988, he participated in the creation of the "Children's Taiwan" and "Illustrated Fairy Tales of China" series. After publishing the popular picture book "Short Ear Rabbit" under the pen name Tang Tang in 2003, he subsequently published more than ten picture books, including "Short Ear Rabbit Gets Zero Points" and "Short Ear Rabbit and Little Elephant Sasha". These books have been sold with copyrights in many countries and Tang has been selected as a representative illustrator from Taiwan to participate in the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy multiple times. Starting in 2004 as a senior illustrator, he began engaging in contemporary art creation and regularly holds solo exhibitions. His works are widely collected by private collectors and museums, and his studio is currently located in Hualien.

In 2013, he began to transform his two-dimensional works into three-dimensional sculptures, many of which are based on the tin toys from his childhood. He immersed himself in his childhood memories, questioning their existence between reality and illusion. In addition to his two-dimensional works, three-dimensional sculptures have also been a key development focus in the past two years. He is fascinated by the texture and temperature of pottery, and incorporates the era-specific colors of tin toys into his works, which are highly enjoyable to view.

In 2018, his robot works still had rusted bodies in their original state, but by 2022, they became even more magnificent and divine. Tang Tang's inspiration comes from classical sculpture, animation, and elements from movies that deeply fascinate him. He transforms this strange feeling into tangible forms, presenting a sense of fantasy similar to literature, film, and animation. The imagery of "machine" and "man" is deconstructed and rebuilt into the form of technology and humanity, and their subtle emotional transformations present a "myth" and "legend" that is both ancient and modern.


1966 年生於花蓮市,1985年復興商工畢業後進入英文漢聲雜誌社繪製〈漢聲小百科〉插畫,1988年進入遠流出版公司兒童館,繪製套書〈兒童的台灣〉及〈繪本 童話中國〉,2003年起以唐唐為筆名,陸續出版《短耳兔》系列繪本、《喜歡你》、《大便蟲》、〈童話翻筋斗〉系列、《粉紅豬逛百貨公司》、《怪物馬戲 團》、《黑寶的鏡子》、《偷蛋龍》、《魔法森林塔羅牌》、《天堂的窗口》、《想當大王的屎克螂》等十餘本繪本、插畫作品有《明星節度使》《晴空小侍 郎》……等,也為副刊及書籍封面繪製插畫。

2018 「遺忘的微光」個展,意識畫廊,台北台灣
2016 「我們,記憶的想念」個展,意識畫廊,台北台灣
2015   台北國際藝術博覽會,台北世界貿易中心,台北台灣
2015   高雄藝術博覽會,高雄城市商旅,高雄台灣
2015   台中藝術博覽會,日月千禧酒店,台中台灣
2015   第七屆台北當代藝術博覽會,喜來登酒店,台北台灣
2015   福爾摩沙藝術博覽會,寒舍艾美酒店,台北台灣
2014 「詩與藝手牽手」高雄兒童美術館,高雄台灣
2013 「小小蒙娜麗莎展」高雄兒童美術館,高雄台灣
2013 「標新.立意—館藏青年藝術家作品展」國立台灣美術館,台中台灣
2012   台北國際藝術博覽會,台北世界貿易中心,台北台灣
2012 府城藝術博覽會,台南大億麗緻酒店,台南台灣
2012 「跨寫實」大象藝術中心,台中台灣
2011   台北國際藝術博覽會,台北世界貿易中心,台北台灣
2010 「物語—故事開始」個展,家畫廊,台北台灣
2010   台北國際藝術博覽會,台北世界貿易中心,台北台灣
2010 「說故事的人──國際插畫家聯展」,元華藝術空間,台北台灣
2010   第二屆台北當代藝術博覽會,台北王朝大飯店,台北台灣
2009   台北國際藝術博覽會,台北世界貿易中心,台北台灣
2009   南韓飯店型博覽會,Grand Hyatt,南韓首爾
2009   第一屆台北當代藝術博覽會,台北王朝大飯店,台北台灣
2009 「我的小宇宙」,六號星球藝術空間,台北台灣
2008 「賴馬.唐唐圖畫書原畫及手稿創作展」,國立臺灣圖書館,台北
2006 「魔幻彩筆 插畫聯展」,台北故事館、高雄兒童美館 ,台灣
2005 「三十位插畫家與一萬公里插畫聯展」,義大利
2004 「幾米之外-唐壽南  張雙鳳戴伶智  夏紹智插畫作品展」,也趣藝廊


Tang Tang(Hualien, 1966-)
After graduated from Fu-Hsin Trade and Art School in 1985, Tang Tang was working at Han Shen Press as illustrator. He has worked on picture book since 1988 while working at Yuan-Liou Press, and created series book “Children’s Taiwan”. Using Tang Tang as pseudonym from 2003, he still works on illustration and also published book including “Short-Eared Rabbit” series, “Love You” and “Oviraptor”…
Exhibition Excerpt

2019 Migration – Tang Tang Solo Exhibition,Yesart Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
2017 The Glimmer of  Forgetting – Tang Tang Solo Exhibition,Yesart Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan
2016 “What we shared, nostalgia”Tang Tang Solo Exhibition,Yesart Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan
2015“ART TAIPEI” Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 “ART KAOHSIUNG” Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 “ART TAICHUNG”Millennium Hotels, Taichung,Taiwan
2015 “Formosa Art Show” Humble House Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 “Young Art Taipei” Sheraton Grande Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 “Art& Poem Hand in Hand” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013 “We Are All Mona Lisas- For Children Little Mona Lisa” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013 “Innovation& Re-creation- Selected Works from the NTMOFA Young Artist Collection” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2012 “ART TAIPEI” Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 “ART TAINAN” Tainan Landis Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan
2012 “Cross Realism” Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan
2011 “ART TAIPEI” Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “Object x Words, Started Story- Tang Tang Solo Exhibition” Jia Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “ART TAIPEI” Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “The Story Teller- International Illustrator Group Exhibition” Aurum Glory Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “Young Art Taipei” Sunworld Dynasty, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 “ART TAIPEI” Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 “Young Art Taipei” Sunworld Dynasty, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 “My Little Universe” Planet 6 Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 “Laima x Tang Tang Manuscript of Picture Book Exhibition” National Taiwan Library, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 “Magic Pencil Illustration Exhibition” Taipei Story House, Taipei; Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2005 “Thirty Illustrator and Ten Thousand Miles” Italy
2004 “Miles Away- Illustrator Group Exhibition” Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
Finalist of Shanghai Art Fair Emerging Artists Prize-
Finalist of Taiwanese Recommend Illustrator of Bologna Children’s Book Fair
Honorary Award of Asia Manuscript of Picture Book Biannual
Illustration Honorary Award of Golden Butterfly Award Publishing Art in Taiwan
本期主打機器戰隊 IX

機器戰隊 IX Robot army IX

唐唐 Tang Tang
NTD 78,000

報童帽 News boy Hat

唐唐 Tang Tang
Price on Request

飛行艇1號 Airship NO.1

唐唐 Tang Tang

飛向未來 Fly to the future

唐唐 Tang Tang

未來 Future

唐唐 Tang Tang
Price on Request

亞當與夏娃 Adam and Eve

唐唐 Tang Tang
Price on Request

文∣黃靜宜  資深文字工作者
──從道士接班人到藝術家的自我養成之路記得唐唐曾說,如果他沒有走上藝術之路,或許今天的他就是個道士了! 因為他的父親是道士,中學時曾經希望唐唐繼承衣缽成為接班人,然而終究唐唐跟隨心底的召喚跑去念了設計,進而一步步走上藝術家的自我養成之路。想像唐唐穿著道士袍的模樣覺得很有意思,其實道士拿著七星劍,向人們傳遞神靈世界的種種訊息,與藝術家手持畫筆,向真實世界的平凡人展示想像世界的瑰麗奇妙,似乎有著異曲同工之妙。

係,就像是鄰座同學、對門鄰居、平行軌道上兩台區間車的司機……。日復一日,尋常上班生涯,經過座位旁時,在樓梯間、茶水間錯身時,或者就是平常的公司內部電話,最常的對話開端總是,唐唐說 : 「欸,我最近又有新作品,你要看嗎?
「啊,當然 !在哪裡?」


再次見面是幾年後了,台北水源市場對面、歷史悠久的綜合出版社,我們還是分屬不同部門,但辦公室相鄰,彼時唐唐雖以美術編輯的社會角色安身立命,也已有自己的繪本創作出版,但似乎並不以此滿足,閒暇聊天聽聞他正進行著神祕的創作計畫,單身的他奢侈地租用不小的空間,只為了要擁有作畫的場域,也記得他說創作時喜歡聽平克.弗洛依德(Pink Floyd)。彼時曾收到他贈予的一張小畫作 :一張貓臉,一把張開的剪刀置於正中央 !這畫在我心中激起不小震撼,第一次窺見唐唐溫和馴良表象下敏感尖銳的藝術家之心。


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