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『我們,記憶的想念』唐唐 Tang Tang個展 2016/1/9-2/28│YESART AIR GALLERY2016-01-11

藝術家 唐唐作品

『我們,記憶的想念』 唐唐 Tang Tang 2016 個展

展期:2016.1.9 ~ 2016.2.28
開幕酒會:2016.1.9 (Sat.) pm3:00
講座主題: 童年 記憶與想像 主講人/王焜生 與談人/唐唐
講座時間 : 2016.1.30(Sat.) pm3:00



『我們,記憶的想念』是唐唐2016開春個展,展出作品立體與平面各半, 擅長繪本創作的唐唐,將他自己置身於小時候玩的鐵皮玩具,無情緒的表情似乎是對時間遠距離的陳述,那個疏離是渴望靠近,也是對記憶模糊的探觸。天真的童年,對世界美好的想像,因長大ㄧ層層的剝落,對世界的距離卻因長大而一層層的堆厚。近年唐唐發展平面創作的同時致力於陶的創作,9件新出爐的立體作品,濃厚的情感和對時間的思念,被揉進陶土裡,觀看的同時想像著,在此時此刻是否有遺忘的記憶等待著被喚醒。

你對童年的記憶為何?童年是如何的影響你的人生?在「我們,記憶的想念」展期中1/30(六)下午3:00,特別邀請知名策展人王焜生(現任台北畫廊協會執行長)與藝術家唐唐對話, 談談「童年的記憶與想像」以藝術穿越時空ㄧ同喚醒你我的童年。



『What we shared, nostalgia』Tang Tang Solo Exhibition

Duration : 2016.1.9 ~ 2016.2.28
Opening: 2016. 01. 09 (Sat.) 3:00 pm
Childhood, in memory and in imagination
by Emerson Kun-Sheng Wang and Tang Tang
2016. 01. 30 (Sat.) pm 3:00 pm

We’ve been through the same space, but each with different memories. When we conjure the old and gone, has it really happened ? Or, it’s the memory itself ?

“What we shared, nostalgia” is Tang Tang’s 2016 solo exhibition, showcasing both pottery and paintings. Placing himself in his childhood vintage cast iron toys, all faces lacking a clear emotion, the depiction utters how the feelings and attachments get to be smeared in the distance of time. The portrayal of remoteness actually gives away the yearning to get close, and the attempt to reach the blurred past. The innocence of the youth, the imagination of the world, is peeled away as we grow, while the disconnection with the world is mounding. An established illustrator and painter, Tang Tang expands his art expression to pottery. Fond emotion and persist nostalgia have been blended into the clay of the 9 exhibiting pottery. Viewing of the pottery work, has it recalled any of your lost memories?

How did you remember your childhood? How has it affected your life perspective? 
At 3:00 pm., January 30th, in “what we shared, nostalgia” exhibition, YESART invite renowned curator Emerson Kun-Sheng Wang (Executive Director of Taiwan Art Gallery Association ) to converse with the artist Tang Tang, with the topic of, “childhood, in memory and in imagination” and take us through the time.



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