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『UMA未確認生命體』 阿咧A - Lei 個展 2018.5.19-6.302018-05-27

『UMA未確認生命體』Unidentified Mysterious Animal
阿咧 A-Lei個展

2018.5.19 ~ 6.30
Opening : 2018.5.19 15:00 PM
YESART GALLERY意識畫廊(台北市中山北路七段48號)


『 幽默是生命第四大元素就像空氣、水、陽光一樣重要 』- 阿咧
   此次於意識畫廊阿咧個展『UMA未確認生命體』,全新宇宙星人發表,別於過去作品,其中托以列(Toilet ) 探險隊是將“怪獸”與“路上行舟”結合而成,他們慵懶來到地球,展開無所事事的旅行。最大件作品“魟星人”和“黑鞋阿法”“紅鞋貝塔”宇宙兄弟及其餘星球人此番出現於地球,為尋找“冷源”(冷笑話能源)而來,而“埃及星Mummy人來地球為何而來呢?展覽現場為觀眾們揭開神秘面紗~。
Unidentified Mysterious Animal
A sculpture exhibition by A-Lei
“A sense of humor is one of life’s essential elements, it is as important as air, water, and the sun.” -A-Lei
As a schoolboy, A-Lei’s mind was full of images of monsters. He was enthralled by all the strange and distorted dimensions that his imagination could come up with. He filled dozens sketch books with the monsters he saw, and he continues to draw them today as an adult. At university, he majored in ink painting, but also spent a lot of his time learning to sculpt. These sculptures combined his deft skill with his wild imagination and featured a unique glazing style influenced by his ink painting background. The sculptures were strange and full of life. It was at this time that a friend of his, while looking at one of A-Lei’s sculptures, began to laugh loudly. It was an important moment because it was then that A-Lei realized how important the humorous aspect of work was. The humour was an essential part of what made the sculptures feel so alive, and has continued to be an important and wonderful part of A-Lei’s monsters to this day.
Yes Art is excited to be exhibiting latest A-Lei’s latest works. The exhibition will be open to the public on May 19th, 2018, and everybody is welcome to attend. We hope to see you there.

阿咧 A-Lei

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