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『宇宙常遇』Universe Sanyu 阿咧 個展 2019.12.7-1.122020-01-27

Universe Sanyu A-Lei Solo Exhibition
Opening | 2019.12.7 15:00Opm
Dates | 2019.12.7-2020.1.12
Venue | Yesart Gallery意識畫廊 (台北市中山北路七段48號)


「宇宙常玉」系列作品,阿咧以水墨線條勾勒怪獸,線條簡潔、幾筆頓挫之間怪獸就靈活靈現,猶如阿咧立體作品般幽默風趣,此系列作品完成之始,阿咧笑稱“宇宙常遇”,週旁觀者皆會心, 此系列從此發展。

In recent years, most of A-Lei’s monster works published in ceramics. As a matter of fact, what people don’t know is he majored in ink painting at college. He’s holding an ink-painting exhibition in the Yesart Gallery for the first time. The largest piece of the works on display, ”Xian You Chun Juan”, which is 10 meters long and form of long roll, is like a Qingming Shanghe map, recording the lives of the monsters.
Ink painting makes A-Lei’s freedom wider and more imaginative. Monsters are like shuttle in different time and space. Some are huge like mountains and rivers, some are wandering in the world. A world with monster forests, villages, rafts, monster islands, water boats, trains and there are also monsters flying in the air. Lei’s charming style scattered in his works.
Mention “Universe Sanyu” series of works. He sketches the monsters with ink lines. He makes monsters alive with simple ink lines and casual painting.
Just like his ceramic works, full of humorous and interesting. At the beginning of the series of works, A-Lei laughed and said “Universe Sanyu”, the bystanders are all delighted, the series has evolved since then.
Eight ceramic works in medium and large size will be exhibited at the same time. These ceramic works will be in the space, echoing with the ink paintings. Like the object, watching the ink scene, like the subject, but also the role in the painting. When people approached, the details appears and spread out.
In the exhibition, regardless of the ceramics or ink paintings, A-Lei’s imagination and humor are inexhaustible. If you look carefully, you can definitely see the charm of A-Lei’s work.

阿咧 A-Lei

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