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『Art Central HK 香港中心藝術博覽會』展位D8 2016.3.23-3.262016-03-23

Art Central 2016 香港中心藝術博覽會

Date : 3.23-3.26 2016
Add : Central Harbour front, Hong Kong
Exhibiting Artists : 徐永進Hsu Yung Chin|王筱雯Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang
Booth : D8

Abstract painting in modern art has developed for almost hundred years, recently, many artists find inspiration in eastern spiritual: seeking within soul, freeing the strength of inner, creating unique art piece. We are here to introduce two typical artists in this field, they ages differently, but both of their cultivated essence let the sub-consciousness while creating is actually a kind of rationality.

Artist Hsu, Yung Chin 徐永進has practiced calligraphy every day for 46 years. Internalizing ink, brushes and the calligraphy line, and combining with Zen and Tao he has also keep learning, his body and soul unite as one while creating. The meaning of the word sublimates to sprit and become his work.

徐永進Hsu Yung Chin

Born in Taipei and grow up in Australia, artist Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang have studied double degree in and Engineering before her art degree, and the eastern cultural based in family education influenced her to meditate on inner spiritual. These experiences make her seeking oneself rationally, and turn into colourful gradient in her painting as a reflection.

王筱雯 Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang


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