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座落於台灣天母的Yesart  Gallery 意識畫廊有著紐約式風格的空間,創造一種氛圍如同畫廊的“YES精神”,讓觀眾輕鬆的親近藝術並可透過此空間和藝術品,使心靈獲得轉化與提升。2010成立至今,意識畫廊經紀代理在國內已具知名度,及備受關注的當代藝術家,並邀請國外極具有潛力的藝術家主題策展,作品包含平面繪畫、立體雕塑、攝影、裝置及觀念藝術,題材新穎、創新、充滿生命力,在這空間有機地呈現作品的穿透性及療癒性。
除了代理台灣的藝術家,意識畫廊也代理來自德國及土耳其的藝術家。在過去的三年,已經在全台灣各藝術博覽會展示藝術家,並在香港、上海藝術博覽會、新加坡Art Stage藝術登入、德國科隆藝術博覽會及義大利展出。
YESART.COM.TW 是一個由專業藝術經理人及具有藝術品味的專業人士所共同組成的藝術場域,我們相信就如同電影「YesMan」,從「Yes」的信念開始,就能聚足正面能量來集合對的人、事、物並創造無限的可能。在這裡提供給有未來性及有潛力的藝術家一個展現自已、實現自我價值的平台。打破以往畫廊的經營模式,以最直接及快速的新形態方式呈現「人」與「藝術」的連結,並提供好的藝術品鑒賞及購買選擇。

Yesart Gallery is located in Tianmu, Taiwan. The space has a New York style atmosphere. We named the gallery “YES” to convey the positive message that we project to the world. Our goal is to create a space where people can be at ease while allowing art to inspire them and uplift their minds. Established in 2010, YESART represents both well-known and up and coming artists. Our gallery arranges themed exhibitions with international artists. These shows include paintings, sculpture, photography, installations, and conceptual art that is full of originality and vitality. Within YESART, beauty and creativity are celebrated in an atmosphere that is both nurturing and inspiring.

In addition to representing Taiwanese artists, we also represent international artists such as Fredo M. Fraile, from Germany, and IIke Yilmaz, from Turkey. The past two years, we have exhibited at art fairs across Taiwan and in Hong Kong 、Shanghai 、Art.Fair Cologne in Germany and Art Stage in Singapore.

YESART.COM.TW is a professional art agency run by an experienced agent and his expert team. Our agency's name, "Yes Art", was inspired by the film "Yes Man" and the idea that a positive and open attitude brings about positive results and new possibilities. We offer potential artists a platform to show who they are and what they are capable of. Yes Art's goal is to break down traditional barriers between art and people in order to allow everyone a chance to have a direct connection to art. Our website,, is a place to appreciate and collect high quality works of art.

2019  Migration - Tang Tang Solo Exhibition

2020  Universe Sanyu - A-Lei Solo Exhibition


2017.11 白色・孤絕 White - 林壽宇創作文件展

Exhibition Programme of YESART GALLERY 2017.11 White - Solitude Richard Lin
2017.8   Silent Songs Annie Hsaio - Wen Wang Solo Exhibition
2017.5   The Glimmer of Forgetting - Tang Tang Solo Exhibition
2016.9   Awareness - Gyalten Liu Solo Exhibition
2016.1   What we shared, nostalgia - Tang Tang Solo Exhibition 
SEEK - Annie Hsaio Wen Wang Solo Exhibition
2015.4   Le Mécanisme Répétitif - Hao Li Solo Exhibition 
Up Stairs Down Stairs. Art Show Together. Pong, YiuLin, Shu-Ting Lourdes Salcedo Tavira of Group Exhibition
2014.6   Room of One’s Own - Ilke Yilmaz Solo Exhibition 
“TheChinese Restaurant - Fredo M. Fraile Solo Exhibition
2014.4  “Near from the Distance - Fredo M. Fraile Solo Exhibition
2014.1   “Absolute Spring In The Air” Group Exhibition of 12 FemaleArtists
2013.11 “Along the same vein” Huang Zan - Lun Solo Exhibition
2013.10 “Coevolution/Extrasensory/Speciation” Hsu,Yung Chin SoloExhibition
2013.8   “From The Darkness, A Flame Rises” Huang, Cheng Yuan SoloExhibition
2013.7   “Origins” Annie Hsaio - Wen Wang Solo Exhibition
2013.4   “Rei” Yu TingHsu Solo Exhibition
2013.3   “ undercover” Wang Hsiao Hua Solo Exhibition
2013.1   “ You Can’t See Until Stop” Group Exhibition of six ContemporaryArtists
2012.11 “Agreemen between Difference” Group Exhibition of Mizu & M.J

2015 高雄藝術博覽會 ART KAOHSIUNG, 高雄 台灣 2015/12/11~2015/11/13
2015 德國科隆當代藝術博覽會 ART.FAIR Cologne, 科隆 德國 2015/09/23~2015/09/27   
2015 台中藝術博覽會 Art Taichung, 台中 台灣 2015/07/11~2015/07/13
2015 香港亞洲當代藝術博覽會 Asia Contemporary Art Show,JW Marriott 4th, Conrad, 香港
2015 台北國際當代藝術博覽會Young Art Taipei ,台北 台灣 2015/04/24~2015/04/27
2014 高雄藝術博覽會 ART KAOHSIUNG, 高雄 台灣2014/12/12~2014/12/14
2014 香港亞洲當代藝術博覽會 Asia Contemporary Art Show,JW Marriott 4th, Conrad, 香港
2014 台北國際當代藝術博覽會 YoungArt Taipei, 台北 台灣 2015/04/24~2015/04/27
2013.9 高雄藝術博覽會 ART KAOHSIUNG, 高雄 台灣
2012.5 台北國際當代藝術博覽會 YoungArt Taipei Contemporary Art Fair 4th, Sheraton, 台北 台灣
2015 ART KAOHSIUNG,Kaohsiung,Taiwan 2015/12/11~2015/11/13
2015 ART.FAIR Cologne, Cologne Germany 2015/09/23~2015/09/27  
2015 Art Taichung, Taichung 2015/07/11~2015/07/13
2015 Young Art Taipei ,Taipei,Taiwan 2015/04/24~2015/04/27
2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show,JW Marriott 4th, Conrad, Hong Kong
2014 ART KAOHSIUNG,Kaohsiung,Taiwan 2014/12/12~2014/12/14
2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show,JW Marriott 4th, Conrad, Hong Kong
2014 YoungArt Taipei,Taipei,Taiwan 2015/04/24~2015/04/27
2013.9 ART KAOHSIUNG, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012.5 YoungArt Taipei Contemporary Art Fair 4th, Sheraton, Taipei,Taiwan

2018  Fragrance of Calligraphy - Hsu Yung-Chin Solo Exhibition


2015  Le Mécanisme Répétitif - Li Hao Solo Exhibition


2018  From Whence I Came - Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang Solo Exhibition


2017  The Glimmer og Forgetting - Tang Tang Solo Exhibition


2014  Room of One's Own Ilke Yilmaz Solo Exhibition 


2015  Revelations of the Soul Art - Art Stage Singapore Hsu Yung-Chin Solo Exhibition

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